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Ana María Breedy
Founder and Partner
Curriculum Vitae
Litigating and practicing since 1957;
Specializing in corporate, commercial, and business law; Has litigated in all fields of Law, including civil, commercial, agrarian, insurance, banking, finance, government and criminal laws; Subdivisions, and Condominium Law expert
Gonzalo Elizondo
Notary in all fields of Law.
Incorporated to the Bar in 1981; Specialize in Constitutional and Criminal Law, human rights and education; Director of the Interamerican Institute for Human Rights; Experience in litigation and settlements in Trading, Criminal, and Government Laws
Patricia Rivero de Srur
Incorporated to the Bar in 1984. Specialize in Commercial Law, and Government Laws, litigation and contracts; Notary in all Fields
Adolfo Rojas Breedy
Curriculum Vitae
Incorporated to the Bar in 1991; Specialize in Corporate, Business, Banking and Finance Law; Litigation expert in these fields; Contracting and litigation in all fields of property laws, trading, financing, and capital markets; Counsellor for Complying with Environment Laws; Notary in all Fields
Irene Lobo Hernández
Incorporated to the Bar in 1986; Specialize in Contracting, liquidations and commercial litigation; Coffee contracting expert; Property Management
Odilia Arrieta Angulo
Incorporated to the Bar in 1987; Specialize in Family Law; Manages the Property Management Division of the Firm

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